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Shining Life
Shining Life (Endowment) is a kind of saving and protection which permitted from Insurance Regulator of Cambodia (IRC) of Ministry of Economy and Finance referring to Letter No. 4819, Phnom Penh, 21st June 2021.
Features of the Product
Get liberty of choosing short or long term
Divide into 6/8/10/12/16 years suitable for your long-term, medium and short-term of financial management plans.
Available many kinds of payment mode
You can make single payment, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually payment. Such a flexible choice is impossible for other channel to save money.
Get an amount of interest in every 2 year which is better than company in the same industry
You can get back 5% of your sum insured every 2 years. You can take a trip every two years or choose to continue to save this money or use it to pay off of the premium for this year. It is your decision.
Receive a whole sum of money at maturity
The most effective way to save can allow you to get back a whole sum of money after the expiry of the term. Whether it is starting a business, going abroad, renovating a house or retiring, it will bring you to a beautiful life.
Without tax, no need to worry about your property fall off
No matter what kind of Cambodian insurance money, such as survival and death insurance money, they are exempt from income tax and other related taxes.
Wide range of insured ages
Anyone aged from 1 year old up can apply for this plan. It is the best tool for you to save education funds for your children, filial piety, achieve your dreams and plan your retirement for your children.
Function of both savings and protection
· Generally, 100% compensation will be paid for death or total and permanent disability permanent.
· Death or total and permanent disability due to an accident will be entitled to 200% compensation.
· During your hardworking and focus on saving money, you can still provide protection to your beloved ones. No matter where you are, your love for your family will never fade.
Product Detail
Frequently Asked Questions...

You could be able to receive the 5% of sum insured from product shining life in every 2 years.

The minimum sum insured is 5,000$

This plan has 6, 8, 10, 12 &16 years of saving.

1. Signed Application form and underwriting questionnaire
2. Proposal which signed by policy owner and salesperson
3. Customer payment slip
4. Identity card from policy owner, life insured, beneficiaries (passport for foreigner)
5. Remittance account form
6. Must complete declaration form for juvenile if the life insured aged under 18.

The maximum age of this product is 59 years old (able to purchase 6 years policy term).

1. Accident refers to an accident from the outside world that causes you to be insured for an accident or loss of life, excluding illness. And external media or external influences must meet the following conditions to be counted as accidental:
​a. Unexpected or unintentional events that you are guaranteed
b. It is the main and one of the direct reasons why you are insured or in danger of losing your life.

2. Non-accident refers to an unforeseen or unintentional illness that causes life insured for an accident or loss of life.

1.The insurance policy will be temporarily suspended if the insurance premium payment period is exceeded by 30 days. However, the policy can be reinstated within 2 years.

2.Customers can request a termination form in order to get the surrender value.

According to Cambodian law, nephews cannot receive any benefits.

If you want to change the beneficiaries you can fill Beneficiary Request form.

If the submitted documents are fully qualified, the policy will be issued within 5 days after the company receives all the required documents.
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