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.Short Policy Term.5-year term.High Liquidity
.Break-even at the end of 3rd Yea.9.85% yields.Value Holding
.Principal Guaranteed, Yields Guaranteed
Features of the Product
High Yields Guaranteed
Break-even at the end of 3rd year
If policy is terminated at the end of 3rd year, the yield is 9.85%.
5% Survival Benefits per annum vs Other Products: 0.6-2.8% in general
Total 25% of Survival Benefits at maturity
Appropriate Policy Term(5-year term)
Shorter Policy Term
5 Blessings: 5-year term vs Other Products: 6-18-year term
USD Currency Popularity
Strong currency / High liquidity
Denominated in US dollars, holding the policy means owning US dollar assets.
High Value Holding
Principal Guaranteed Yield Guaranteed
5% Survival Benefit Guaranteed
Principal Return on Maturity
High Liquidity
The policy is eligible for canceling for cash back at any time.
Product Detail
Interested in Shining Life
Case 1 5 Blessings
Premium Payment Term 5 Years
Insurance Age Limit 18-65 years old
Minimum Sum Insured USD 50,000
Coverage Period 5 Years
Survival Benefit 5% of Sum Insured on each Policy Anniversary Date
Maturity Benefit 100% of Sum Insured
Death, or Total and Permanent Disability Benefit 1st Year : 108% of Sum Insured.2nd Year : 107.5% of Sum Insured.3rd Year : 107% of Sum Insured.4th Year : 106.5% of Sum Insured.5th Year : 105.5% of Sum Insured
Accidental Death, or Total and Permanent Disability Benefit 1st Year : 216% of Sum Insured..2nd Year : 215% of Sum Insured.3rd Year : 214% of Sum Insured.4th Year : 213% of Sum Insured.5th Year : 211% of Sum Insured
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