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Titan Stone Life is a sub company of Titan Stone Group, established in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2020. With our parent group’s know how in finance and advantages, we provide professional insurance products and services based on our mission, We Care Your Life, and the parent group’s principles, Integrity, Profession and safety.

We introduce the latest international asset management and insurance concepts, and hope that people can understand the true meaning of buying insurance with correct financial concepts. At the same time, the solid financial management courses are arranged to educate our salespersons becoming your best financial planners, and helping you have stable financial statement covering damages from risks occurred suddenly and achieving your dreams in life.

In addition, we are also committed to charity activities to support the disadvantaged. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have invested in 9 charity activities and donations, including 6 aid activities and 3 donations with more than 10,000 kilograms of white rice and tens of thousands of dollars in materials and donations were. The supported people are across many provinces in the country.

We help the people in financial stability and support sustainable loving assistance to create a more stable future for the people and make them realize more dreams.

Customize Your Suitable Financial Plan
  1. Enhance people’s insurance awareness and concept.
  2. At different stages of life, people have different needs and dreams. The mission of Titan Stone Life is to be your backing in life.
  3. According to your life plan, we will provide you with the best financial advice and products based on the principles of low risk and high security, so that you can have a bright future and help you fulfill your life dreams while reducing financial risks.
Become Your Life Partner & Market Leading Brand
  1. Help you own stable financial management, and support you to make dreams come true, and satisfy your demands in life.
  2. Create excellent product line to satisfy your demands in asset and risk management.
  3. Be one of leading insurance companies in Cambodia.
  4. Educate our salespersons to become the best financial planners for the people by taking comprehensive financial management as the starting point.
Titan Stone Group, Parent Company of Titan Stone Life

Titan Stone Group, founded in Hong Kong, 2003, is a pioneer in exploring new markets for financial investment and has subsidiaries and offices in major cities in Asia such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Taipei, and Phnom Penh. Its services include investment and private banking and insurance fields, such as overseas real estate, life insurance, equity acquisitions, asset management, and personal financial plan, etc. With strong and professional finance team, Titan Stone Group has helped many clients to make their investment plans and increase their capital values in more than a decade.

Titan Stone Group, in the recent years, involves into overseas real estate and diversified investments to provide comprehensive wealth management service with high quality for companies and clients. Because of the potential and advantages of Cambodia, Titan Stone Group started its first project in Cambodia - Picasso City Garden in 2015. Titan Stone Group has survived the difficulties caused by the epidemic, overcame the crisis of lack of labor and materials, and successfully completed this Phnom Penh luxury residence in 2021. It also plans the development of a special economic zone and helps Cambodia's industrial upgrading and economic development by its own resources to introduce a complete supply chain.

In 2020, Titan Stone Life Insurance Company was established. It hopes to assist Cambodians in financial planning and realize their dreams of life, health protection and financial freedom through innovative financial management concepts and high-quality insurance products. At the same time, it educates local talents to become excellent financial professionals, and customizes financial plans and suggestions for people to help them realize their dreams in life.

Titan Stone Group utilize its own resources to invest in Cambodia with multiple perspectives and continues to dedicate to this country with practical actions to support local development and help everyone create a rich life.

Integrity: Titan Stone Group honestly faces clients and companies and provides appropriate investment advice to the clients. It is the best partner for business companies and person.

Professional: with plenty of excellent experiences in term of finance and investment, Titan Stone Group provides the clients unique investment opportunities by pioneering viewpoints.

Safety: Titan Stone Group keeps safety of clients’ capitals by comprehensive and careful risk evaluation.
Titan Stone group is a pioneer to discover potential markets and investment targets in the world. Due to leading viewpoints, it helps clients to increase their capital values by finding new and great investment targets earlier than the others. While making clients wealth growth, it is also the best bridge between the clients and potential market.
Milestones of Titan Stone Group
Picasso City Garden completed.
Titan Stone Life Insurance was established.
Titan Stone Special Economic Zone starts to prepare.
Association of Chinese Investor in Cambodia Established.
Picasso City Garden was Launched in Phnom Penh.
KY iCENTER was launched.
Picasso Group Authorized Press Conference in New York.
Picasso City Garden Groundbreaking Ceremony (Cambodia)
Subsidiaries and offices founded in 2016
Titan Stone Real Estate Development Co., Ltd (Cambodia)
Picasso City Garden Construction Co., Ltd (Cambodia)
Titan Stone Property Management (Cambodia)
Titan Stone Real Estate Consignment Company Limited
Subsidiaries and offices founded in
Titan Stone Asset Management Limited. (Hong Kong)
Titan Stone Asset Management Limited. (Cayman)
Global Boulder Property Co., Ltd. (Samoa)
Shanghai Titan Stone Investment Consulting Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Titan Stone Investment Consulting Co., Ltd
Xiamen Titan Stone Investment Consulting Co., Ltd
Titan Stone International Management Consultants Co.,Ltd was founded.
Titan Stone Group successfully completed many listed companies’ project in M&A, private equity, funding and financing.
Titan Stone Group was founded in Hong Kong.
The first global convertible bond fund was set up.